Merchant Acquisition

Merchant Onboarding - Pick My Work

Reach out to SMB’s based in 150+ cities across India, from Delhi to Chennai and Ahmedabad to Patna.

We allow the consumer tech companies to focus on what they do best i.e. create technological solutions, while we leverage our on-field gig partner network to create a blend between technology and human interaction to facilitate the process of onboarding the SMBs.

  • Access to onboarding SMBs across 150+ cities in India

  • You focus on tech while we complement you with our focus on on-field sales

  • We have successfully onboarded 90,500 SMBs across 25 cities in India for clients like GPay, Siply, and Swiggy

Good partnerships are the key to success in business. Partner with PMW and scale-up!

Sales Process Outsourcing

Sales Process Outsourcing- Pick My Work

Is the cost of hiring and maintaining a salesforce denting your profits? Then look no further and partner with PMW to get feet on street and save up to 32% on the salesforce expenditure.

  • End-to-end execution from hiring to training to deployment and feedback to the partners

  • A win-win situation as we help the sales partners in up-skilling which in turn leads to better sales and higher productivity

  • With 3,000+ partners and a track record of 90,000+ fulfilled tasks, PMW has set high standards

Partner with PMW to tip the sales in your favor!


Audit - Pick My Work

Through PMW, what you see is what you get. We believe in end-to-end transparency.

  • Quality checks at regular intervals
  • Authentic customer feedback

  • Ensuring that the brand image is maintained throughout the process

If quality is your priority look no further than PMW.


Cost Savings


Customer Satisfaction

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