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We use technology to source, train & manage our partners for your needs. We specialize in the following services…

Remote Sales

Customer Acquisition – Targeted, Trained and Happy

Is the cost of acquiring customers burning too much cash? Then look no further and partner with PickMyWork to get active partners in 190 cities across India and save up to 32% on your CAC.

  • End-to-End Execution

  • PickMyWork manages everything – Hire, Train, Deploy & Pay

  • Over 5000 active partners working across India

  • More than 1 million customers have acquired

Digital Wallets

Merchant AcquisitionPhysical, Real and Verifiable

We allow the consumer tech companies to focus on what they do best i.e create technological solutions, while we leverage our on-field gig partner network to create a blend between technology and human interaction to facilitate the process of onboarding the SMBs.

  • Access to onboarding SMBs across 150+ cities in India

  • You focus on tech while we complement you with focus on on-field sales.

  • We have successfully onboarded 90,500 SMBs.

Merchant Acquisition

User ActivationActive Users, Repeated Transactions.

Do the downloads become your active users? Social media-based downloads rarely convert to active user. We train your customers and merchants the way that you want. Thankfully we can do with our PAN-INDIA network of on-field partners.

  • In-person customer training

  • Support throughout the app process flow

  • Daily active users

  • Ideal for tier 2,3 and 4 cities


AuditsRigorous, Rapid and Reliable

Through PickMyWork, What you see is what you get. We believe in end-to-end transparency.

  • Quality check at regular intervals

  • Genuine Customer feedback

  • Ensuring that the brand image is maintained through the process

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