An Impact Survey by Upaya Social Ventures

As the world grapples with unemployment, there are few things more powerful than finding innovative solutions to this pressing issue. At PickMyWork, our mission is to empower gig workers across India by providing them with access to steady income, valuable skills, and opportunities for growth. We believe that the gig economy has the potential to transform the way people work, but we also recognize that it is a complex and rapidly evolving landscape that requires innovative solutions to address its challenges.

That’s why we were thrilled to see the results of a recent survey of gig workers who have found employment through PickMyWork. Upaya Social Ventures conducted the survey with 189 gig workers from across India, and the results were clear: PickMyWork is making an impact on their lives.

Partner’s Financial Stability (Short-term goals) because of PickMyWork:

The survey revealed that the majority of gig workers employed through PickMyWork are young, educated, and come from households with modest incomes. Despite these challenges, we were pleased to learn that our platform has enabled gig workers to increase their average daily household income by 54 percent.


What are the PickMyWork Partners able to achieve?

We were also pleased to learn that the skills and experience gig workers have gained through working with PickMyWork have helped to improve their prospects for future employment. A staggering 93% of survey respondents stated that the skills they have learned will help them to secure better job opportunities in the future. For many, this has included learning:

  1. Public speaking skills, 
  2. Technical knowledge, and
  3. Increased self-confidence.

gig worker

Job Quality & Satisfaction Level of PickMyWork Partners:

Most importantly, the Upaya survey revealed that the vast majority of gig workers employed through PickMyWork are satisfied with their jobs, and attribute this satisfaction to our reliable and prompt payment system. Gig workers reported that receiving their payments on time and on a weekly basis has allowed them to better manage their finances and plan for their futures. And 89% of the jobholders reported being hopeful that their increased income from PickMyWork will enable them to achieve their long-term highest aspiration, an ambitious, overarching life goal.

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There is a real difference in the lives of gig workers. After gaining employment with PickMyWork, household incomes have increased by 54% on average, enabling workers to better support themselves and their families. And the platform is helping workers to develop valuable skills and experience that will benefit them in their future careers.

Of course, we also recognize that there is still much work to be done to support gig workers and address the challenges of the gig economy. We are listening to the feedback provided by gig workers, who have suggested that we improve our services by introducing health insurance, allowances, and increasing the availability of weekly payment options.


At PickMyWork, we are committed to working towards a future where gig workers are able to enjoy more stable and fulfilling work opportunities. We are proud of the impact we have made so far, but we recognize that there is still much work to be done. We will continue to strive for innovative solutions and to listen to the feedback of gig workers to ensure that we are always improving our services and support.

Solving unemployment is a monumental task that requires innovative solutions and the efforts of individuals who are willing to make a difference in the lives of others. At PickMyWork, we are proud to be playing a role in this effort. Our work is not just a job; it is a mission to help people achieve their goals, pursue their dreams, and live fulfilling lives.

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