This is to bring to the notice of the trade and general public at large that PickMyWork (“Platform”) by Reculta Solutions Private Limited (“Company”) is a platform which helps businesses sign-up new customers and engage with them and allows users to earn money by undertaking a variety of projects via the PickMyWork mobile app. It is hereby being clarified that the mobile app is free to use for users and neither the Company nor any of its agents/ assignees/ affiliates charge any fees for the purpose of registration on the platform.

We as a Company believe in utmost transparency and intend on keeping the interest of our users surmount as they are the backbone of our platform and therefore are concerned with the recent proliferation and infringing activities of certain people/ third parties with vested interest who are trying to make illegal profits by duping potential users and also are therefore defaming us.

More specifically, it has recently come to our attention that some people/ third parties are running a WhatsApp group by the name of “All India Team Gurup” and is using our brand logo as the display picture and claiming itself to be associated with the Company and is duping potential users by charging them an amount for registration/ recruitment fee.

Please take note that neither the Company nor any of its affiliates/agents are in any manner connected/associated with such WhatsApp groups or any rogue websites.  

People/ prospective Users are in general advised to take extra caution and not fall prey to such scams,  should anyone come across any such groups other than the official social media channels of Our Company or require any further information to verify or otherwise of any such communication which they were receive with regards to such fraudulent activities, they are requested to get in touch with us at the official mail id:

We as a company also do not tolerate such fraudulent behaviour and are in the process of taking criminal actions against all the third parties trying to tarnish the image of our brand by doing such fraudulent activities. We would also like to warn that the Company has zero-tolerance to such defrauding activities and upon coming across the same will initiate both civil and criminal proceedings.

It is once again reiterated that the Company is not in any way connected/associated with such WhatsApp groups or any websites charging money under the garb of registration fees and therefore cannot be held liable for the actions of either the perpetrators or their victims. We are also under no obligation to refund or pay damages which may have been caused to the people due to any fraudulent activities of such parties.