Get ready to experience a heartwarming journey of earning money and empowerment as Vidyarthi Baddireddy, the visionary CEO and founder of PickMyWork, has an open and inspiring conversation with Ashish, a valued partner who has been an important part of the PickMyWork family for a whole year.

Today we will uncover the story of earning money of sales partners since the beginning of the vision to reshape the gig economy in India and improve the lives of people who depend on gig work. What was once a groundbreaking idea has now become a powerful force for positive change.

In this special meeting, Vidyarthi Baddireddy is moved by seeing PickMyWork, making a real difference. The real-life stories and experiences shared by users like Ashish highlight the genuine transformation brought about by this platform. It’s more than just technology; it’s about making lives better.

Let’s get to know PickMyWork’s Gig Worker, Ashish more…

Ashish, a shining example of the positive effects of earning money with PickMyWork, has utilized his unique skills to significantly boost his extra income. His impressive ability to turn one opportunity into multiple sales has led to substantial growth in his earnings. The amazing part is that he now has newfound freedom – he can choose his work, conduct sales without strict targets, and be his own boss.

In a world where technology is causing changes, Ashish saw this as a chance to create more than one source of income. He maintains his regular full-time job while pursuing his passion for field sales during his free time, much like a freelancer or gig worker would.

Why Ashish loves his journey with PickMyWork?

A year ago, Ashish started exploring new job opportunities with PickMyWork. His favourite aspect so far has been the absence of pressure or sales targets. He loves the freedom of being his own boss. He appreciates how he can do sales without strict goals and how this freedom boosts his work productivity.

Ashish’s growth isn’t just limited to his job; he has also seen an increase in his earnings. On good days, he now makes ₹3000 per day. This demonstrates Ashish’s determination and how much PickMyWork has positively impacted him.

Helping Others and Sharing Knowledge…

Ashish’s journey with PickMyWork has been incredible. He enjoys assisting shops and merchants in succeeding by using technology.

Join us on this journey of innovation, empowerment, and personal triumphs. Discover how the “Humans of PickMyWork” are reshaping the gig economy and forming a community of individuals who are rewriting the rules and living life on their own terms. Through this Youtube video, you can truly sense the essence of change, perseverance, and the endless possibilities that arise when technology meets human potential.

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